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By: C3 Solutions  09-12-2011

A great solution is about more than just software – it’s about having the team to optimize, configure and implement the software and to make sure the right skills are transferred to your organization.

C3’s team of industry-savvy consultants, PMI-certified project managers, experienced implementation specialists and trainers will help you get the most out of Yard Smart. They’ll plan your project, manage your objectives, ensure that you have a seamless go-live, and they’ll even design metrics to help you quantify the impact Yard Smart has.

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Project in Motion

Our team follows a strict schedule for follow-ups, fine-tuning and continued training – all to ensure your organization gets the maximum impact out of its Yard Smart implementation. That's why the C3 implementation team has worked to combine its experience and expertise with best-in-class processes to create an implementation roadmap we call Project In Motion.


Expert Support 24/7

From troubleshooting manuals to advanced diagnostics, we’ve covered all the bases to ensure that Yard Smart remains a dependable part of your logistics solution – not part of the problem. You’ll be talking to a qualified Yard Smart technician who will have full access to a mirror of your Yard Smart set-up running in our lab environment. 24/7 support is now a basic expectation when it comes to enterprise level software.



Whether your staff is made up of seasoned computer veterans or first-time users, our team of experienced trainers has developed rigorous, pedagogically sound training programs to ensure everyone feels confident and understands his job when it comes time to go live. If you’ve been managing your yard using clipboards and walkie-talkies, then the advent of an all new computer-based YMS.