Hosted Unified Communications Solutions provided by BroadSoft

By: Broadsoft  09-12-2011

Hosted Unified Communications Solutions provided by BroadSoft

BroadSoft Unified Communications

BroadSoft's applications for businesses are bundled under our "Unified Communications" family of solutions.

BroadSoft delivers Unified Communications solutions that bring game-changing power and productivity to any type of business, at a fraction of the cost and complexity of solutions from traditional premises-based products.

All Types of Companies Benefit from BroadSoft Unified Communications:

  • The 50-person law firm that needs to integrate its fixed and mobile communications with Microsoft applications and legal tracking/billing applications to maintain its productivity and competitive advantage.
  • The 8-person "all-mobile" small business that wants simple communications without the cost and headaches of CapEx, management, and upgrades.
  • The 200-site retail chain nationwide retail store that wants unified functionality and reduced costs that comes from a centralized solution that supports all sites.
  • The 500-person enterprise that wants the benefits of advanced communications (video telepresence, mobile workforce, CRM integration, call centers) to ensure highly productive operations and customer support.
  • The 30,000-person multinational enterprise with hundreds of sites with heterogeneous equipment (PBXs, phones, mobiles) that uses unified communications to reduce operational costs while staying "ahead of the curve" in productivity and competitiveness.

Business Benefits:


Employees and workgroups are dramatically more productive, throughput is higher, and support costs are lower when workers can contribute and collaborate from any phone (fixed or mobile), in any location, across any application (Microsoft Outlook/Office, IBM Sametime, Google Apps, CRM and enterprise applications).

Lower Costs

Business communications are lower cost when delivered in an OpEx/Software-as-a-Service model. The total solution cost is lower than traditional PBX vendor solutions because the service provider is not tied to specific vendor's phones or devices. Solutions like video telepresence or OCS that are traditionally cost-prohibitive are now available in a lower-cost OpEx model. Through powerful policy enforcement and least cost routing capabilities, businesses are now able to control costs for mobile phones much like they do with fixed lines.

Disaster Recovery and Peace of Mind

Your business communications are entirely safe from natural disasters or building failures/outages, because your UC solution is delivered with built-in, customizable business continuity. In addition, you benefit from lower costs and peace of mind because the high costs of upgrading and "future-proofing" your solution is managed by your BroadWorks service provider.


Your UC solution changes to fit your business; you don’t change to adapt to your communications solution. Your UC solution supports any type of phone, PBX, or mobile; using BroadSoft Xtended, you can integrate your communications solution with the business applications (Microsoft, IBM, Google, CRM, etc.) that your company uses daily.

How do I get Unified Communications for my business?

Contact your local phone company, cable company, or internet service provider and ask about their Unified Communications services. Be sure to ask if they are using BroadSoft.

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