Consumer VoIP Solutions from BroadSoft

By: Broadsoft  09-12-2011

Consumer Solutions

With the evolution of IP enabled devices such as media phones, video phones and consumer electronics, all with intuitive easy-to-use interfaces, we are now accustomed to and expect a superior, interactive user experience with any service we use. So, we all select brands and services that are laser focused on making our lives easier.

While these new devices expand the range of our communication possibilities, they need to rely on the right network solution to really offer a superior, interactive user experience.

For more than 10 years, BroadSoft has been offering Business and Consumer solutions. Starting with a focus of integrating our software with business devices, such as IP desktop phones or conference phones, we have transformed how businesses connect, communicate and collaborate. Now, we are extending our device integration expertise to consumers.

Consumer Experience

BroadSoft's consumer experience solutions deliver new capabilities and functionality to consumers, allowing them to communicate anytime, anywhere and from any device. It truly is communications without limitation.

Within a typical home there may be a variety of communication and entertainment devices - PCs, media phones, smart phones, mobile internet devices, e-books, personal navigation systems and media players - as well as several different family members within a household who use their own preferred device or method of communication.

BroadSoft's consumer experience solutions take consumer communications to a new level by maximizing the functionality of the communication devices.

Consumer Benefits

Connect all your devices to move and share content and media around and outside the home.

Easy to set up
Your service provider handles everything - no need for expert installation.

Consolidate all your communications with one service provider. One company, one bill.

Easy to manage
Easily access and manage all your devices from one convenient web interface, personalized for each member of the household.

How Do I Get BroadSoft?

BroadSoft's flagship product is BroadWorks. BroadWorks is the underlying software delivering innovative consumer services around the globe. Chances are BroadWorks is the technology powering the communication services offered by your cable, internet service provider or local phone company.

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