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By: Booksforlooks Publishers  09-12-2011
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As a Publishing Company we wish to produce material that educates and embraces the world markets with ‘Respector of Human Values’, that we hold dear.

Whether it be light subject or serious points of interest, we hope you are fed.


Read our thought inspiring books about History In The Making and other well written books that seek world peace.

Children's Corner

Innocence of a child’s mind –
Is a wonder –
Wouldn’t you say.

It should be protected.
Not, any old way –
But, every way –
Or not possible –


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In An Appropriate Way.

Higher Learning

Higher Learning is but a journey to self discovery and truth. Our booklets are meant to teach and to make you think.


These beautifully designed booklets have a flair for the dramatic. But nothing can be further from the truth, in these well written, important subjects of interest, that inspire a voice worth listening to. Comprehensive writings of various subjects made to touch and endear, that either educate or dedicate. Read these little booklets and have a nice day

Christian Booklets

These booklets are written on topics that are a must-read for Christians today. So as not to be deceived or led astray.


Different Strokes For Different Folks –

Oh, the Jokes
But –
Serious Stuff Too –
For You


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Our mission
is truely a mission of Peace
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Keywords: booklets, Books, Inspiring Books