By: Blueslice  09-12-2011

Tekelec's Mobile Broadband solutions enable our customers to manage and monetize the data explosion. Tekelec's solutions analyze subscriber quality of service, provides real-time information to dynamically make adjustments to networks and devices, set policies to improve subscriber service experience and assist in the deployment of next-gen LTE networks. Tekelec's Mobile Broadband solutions allow our customers to:

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Policy Server (PCRF

The Policy server can be deployed including a 3GPP compliant Subscriber Profile Repository, to allow storage of subscriber information such as rate plans, and a 3GPP-compliant Diameter Routing Agent to load balance across multiple Policy Servers. You can easily add and re-configure policies to manage and control Quality of Service, charging, quota, optimization and admission control.


Subscriber Data Management

Consolidate and manage your cross-domain subscriber data – location, network authentication, access preferences, services, identities and presence – as a single logical profile. Tekelec’s Subscriber Data Management product family puts your principal asset – your subscribers – at the heart of your network. Data is stored in the solution’s back-end database, which supports multiple front-end applications.


Diameter Signaling Router (DSR

The Tekelec DSR product centralizes routing, traffic management and load-balancing tasks to create an architecture that enables your IMS and LTE networks to grow incrementally to support increasing service and traffic demands. Create a standards based Diameter signaling core in your IP networks that provides the bandwidth to support data-hungry devices and applications.


LTE Home Subscriber Server (HSS

Tekelec’s LTE HSS is the only SDM solution to host a User Data Repository and Subscriber Profile Repository in a consolidated data store and is the first LTE HSS to be part of the One Voice Initiative. Integrated with Tekelec’s IMS HSS and AAA Server products, the LTE HSS provides seamless 2G/3G/LTE mobility management and consolidates subscriber state and information management.