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By: Biochemia  09-12-2011
Keywords: Building Blocks, Amino Acids, Diagnostic Tools

Take advantage of our experienced team of peptide chemists to provide you with high quality peptides at competitve prices and short delivery times.

BioChemia offers complete Custom Antibody services, from peptide synthesis to ELISA titration. We will meet your expectations every step of the way.

BioChemia is pleased to offer the highest quality peptide reagents at the most competitive prices.

At BioChemia we have broad experience in the field of preparative organic chemistry. Access our inventory of rare nucleotides and sugars to streamline your synthetic projects. We provide rare nucleotides with an emphasis on compound quality and purity.

BioChemia has recently introduced custom tailored small molecule inhibitor, activator, agonist and antagonist kits to be used as diagnostic tools in gene and protein expression profiling as well as biomarker confirmation. In addition, advance your small molecule discovery by selecting from the myriad of heterocyclic building blocks BioChemia has to offer. BioChemia also offers custom synthesis services of small molecules from milligram to kilogram quantities.

At BioChemia we offer a full line of natural, protected and unatural amino acids for any application from clinincal to research. Speed up your synthetic process by ordering our high quality Fmoc and Boc protected amino acid precursors.

Keywords: Amino Acids, Building Blocks, Diagnostic Tools, Heterocyclic Building Blocks, Peptide Reagents, Peptide Synthesis,