Stop computer and data theft and prevent security breaches

By: Barracuda Security  09-12-2011
Keywords: alarm, Sensors

The device is armed using the installation software provided. Once the initial setup is complete the computer remains protected by the device even when the computer is switched off. The on-board power supply can last beyond one year.

The "CUDA Card" contains sensors for motion, light and tampering. Alarm: 120dB triggered by Barracuda sensors. Motion sensing uses two motion sensors operating in different planes allowing, the card to detect specific types of motion thereby reducing the possibility of false nuisance alarms. Motion alarm triggering can only occur when power is removed. The warning beeps will operate whether in power On or Off states.

Enable or Disable options allow for custom installations suitable for virtually any location or environment.

Any free PCI slot.

On-board power from the long life NimH battery topped up with trickle charge from computer supply.

Monitoring: (optional):
Remotely when on a network. With customization, the Barracuda can be used with security monitoring services.

Paging: (optional):
When used on a network, triggered events can be set to dial any number of pagers or a digital cell phone to signal a breach of one or more computers.

Dye Capsule (optional):
The light sensor constantly monitors the ambient light levels inside the computer and will detect the slightest increase in light if the cover is removed and activate the siren. The combination of these two events occurring together, the light sensor triggered and the case opened as detected by the Tamper switch, then the dye capsule(s) is triggered marking key components and whomever handles these components.

Conventional Alarming: (optional):
Made possible by the addition of a dry contact which can be used in conjunction with the in-house alarm panel. Jumper placement and active wire selection increase the control complexity thereby rendering the system almost impossible to defeat.

* Specifications are subject to change

Keywords: alarm, Sensors