BM Group Inc. - Skin care

By: B.m. Group  09-12-2011

This moisturizing and protective barrier cream is formulated waterproof up to 4 hours and was specially developed for workers who frequently wear latex and vinyl gloves. Contains emollients (lanolin, glycerin, aloe vera) and moisturizes to soothe the skin. Contains chloroxylenol (PCMX). Non greasy. BM-1200®is available in a 500 mL bottle.

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BM Group Inc. - Ultrasonic cleaning

This solution is an excellent cleaner in an ultrasonic unit for the removal of plaster and stone from dentures, partials, flasks and articulators. Formulated for the removing of blood, tissue, debris and other contaminants from instruments in a ultrasonic cleaning unit. Contains isopropyl alcohol for better cleaning and disinfection. LIGHT STAIN AND PERMANENT CEMENT REMOVER.


BM Group Inc. - Infection control solution

This product can also be used to disinfect hard surfaces, such as counter tops, cabinets, lab areas, chairs, etc. Spray solution directly unto surfaces or wipe. For disinfection of non critical instruments during decontamination prior to cleaning and/or for post-cleaning soaking steps prior to autoclaving. Quick disinfection: 60 secondsMore thorough disinfection: 180 secondsEnd of day asepsis procedures: 10 minutes.