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By: Ad Opt Technologies  09-12-2011

AD OPT’s Training Program includes a personalized course portfolio covering all the skills and knowledge required to effectively use our Altitude crew planning solutions suite.
Our instructors have in-depth airline industry knowledge of both detailed crew planning and operational business issues. Courses are customized to your specific business processes, applicable rules and preferences.

Crew planning courses are designed for:

  • Planners and planning managers
  • Crew members
  • System Administrators

Practice makes perfect – hands-on training can help

Training: tailored to specific airline business processes and needs, including theoretical and practical aspects.

Coaching: to develop specific software skills and work autonomously. An expert guides participants to improve performance.

Workshop: hands-on practice in a group setting to perform specific activities. Discussion and feedback enhance the learning experience.

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AD OPT - AD OPT Customer Care Team has extensive crew planning expertise

AD OPT’s dedicated Customer Care team includes highly trained professionals with unsurpassed product knowledge and crew planning experience.We’ll be right there with you during your peak crew planning production period, offering 24/7 support to solve problems quickly and minimize disruptions to your operations.


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Project Management to maintainopen dialog with our customers managing project scope, limiting project risk factors, ensuring the products are delivered on time and meet all the customers’ specifications. Detailed Requirements Analysis to accurately determine the scope of the solution to be delivered and how closely it fulfills our customer’s business requirements.


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Whether during deployment, production, training or maintenance support, you can count on AD OPT to provide optimal solutions in a timely, efficient and courteous manner. Since AD OPT’s crew planning solutions are customized to the unique needs of each airline, so is our approach to customer service.