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By: A 1 Clinique Chinoise D'Acupuncture Massothérapie Et Herbologie De Montréal  09-12-2011
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What's New?

Acupuncture Medicine (AM) has grown in popularity in the U.S., Canada, and Europe over the past 20 years. According to the 2002 National Health Interview Survey in the   U.S.,  an estimated 8.2 million American adults had ever used acupuncture, and an estimated 2.1 million U.S. adults had used acupuncture in previous year. It is possible that similar percentage of people in Canada and Europe had used acupuncture treatments. 

To date, AM is used to treat a variety of health problems ranging from pain control to cosmetic face lifting, the responses to acupuncture are always encouraging. However, the mechanisms of action of acupuncture remain unclear.  In China, many studies on AM have been carried out since 1956.   These studies are published in Chinese language,  including clinical case reports, clinical trials, animal experiments, medical analysis of ancient classics, new theories, etc. Although many of results are not conclusive,  these studies represent the highest quality research in acupuncture medicine in the world, and some recent research results will be discussed here. RESEARCH RESULTS..

  • Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Today

Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM)  is one of the oldest  and most commonly used medical procedures in the World. It had been main stream medicine in China before modern medicine  was introduced into China hundred years ago. Chinese herbal medicine has been mainly practiced in China, and sometimes, is available in big American, Canadian and European cities. Although there is no limited treatment spectrum, Chinese herbal medicine is only a  complement to modern medicine today. Recent "Nature Movement"  has pushed Chinese herbal medicine to a new peak in medical science. A great deal of studies on Chinese herbal medicine have been carried out in China. Some interesting findings will be translated and posted here. NEW FINDINGS..

Dr. Yi Ding's insight into Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Why is TCM important to your health?

Both modern medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have common philosophy in diagnosis: finding  traits of a health problem or a disease. However they discover traits in different ways and levels. Modern medicine, evidence-based medicine (EBM),  recognizes the existence of a health problem based on possible biochemical and mechanical changes and detection of virus or bacteria. It understands the problem at cellular and molecular levels. If there is no evidence of those changes, there is no disease. It seems to ignore the developmental process of a health problem, which is more or less static view of knowing a problem. Over the past decades, scientists realize the importance of early detection, and are working hard to find early marker of a health problem. Besides the limitation of medical science, the availability of a medications to many known health problems is limited. One of huge problem in pharmaceutical industry is severe side effects. Moreover, medications are seldom able to reverse the pathological process of a health problem. However, it is no doubt that modern medicine plays a major role in managing and controlling the development of a disease.

TCM is a complement to modern medicine in terms of medical treatments. It re-organizes all symptoms of a health problem, and the emphasis of treatment is put on synergetic role of different organs and systems as well as factors of human emotional state, environmental changes and life style. This approach leads to the difficulty in design of experimental protocol. If we say modern medicine is a science, TCM is science and art. While EBM requires more scientific technology, TCM has higher talent requirements for an individual TCM doctor. Why is TCM important to your health? More..

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