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By: 3e Company  09-12-2011
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SAP EHS Management  is a sophisticated, highly integrated compliance module of SAP used by many companies as the basis for their global chemical regulatory compliance program. Managing such a compliance program is no easy task given the complexities associated with compliance on a global scale.

3E Company answers these challenges through its Ariel™ line of data and decision support solutions that facilitate increased operational efficiencies, informed decision-making and consistent compliance practices throughout the enterprise.

The full benefits of SAP EHS Management can be better optimized when comprehensive content, prepared by regulatory experts, is integrated into the SAP EHS Management application. This content includes regulatory data covering the geographical scope of the user's business, Expert Rules to automate checking products against regulations and running complicated classification calculations, a library of phrases covering each of the languages which need to be used for documents, and document templates reflecting the current regulatory requirements and best practice for each of the countries in the user's business scope.

3E Company has a successful and proven track record spanning more than a decade for providing quality products and services designed specifically for integration with SAP. More than 50 companies rely on Ariel content in their SAP EHS Management application every day. The Ariel suite of solutions for use with SAP include:

  • Ariel Content modules provide extensive coverage of regulated chemicals throughout the world at multiple levels of jurisdiction. Users can subscribe to any or all of the content modules, depending on the needs of their business.

    Ariel content is fully compliant with the SAP-Open Content Connector (OCC) interface, an open XML-based interface to load external content into the SAP EH&S specification database. Customers committed to the OCC standard for SAP EHS Management can seamlessly integrate Ariel regulatory content.
  • SAP EHS Management offers the ideal solution for promoting consistency across the enterprise; however, populating SAP EHSM with comprehensive, relevant data is problematic without an efficient integrated tool or OCC interface. Our sophisticated data loading tool, Ariel Data Manager (ADM)™-EHSAP provides easy and efficient maintenance of regulatory information at the specification level.
  • Ariel Multilingual Phrases for use with SAP EHS Management are available in various phrase types, and dozens of languages, providing an efficient method for global or multinational companies to simplify the creation and authoring of MSDSs, eSDSs (Extended Safety Data Sheets), labels, and other documents.
  • MSDS Authoring services include the ability to co-author on a client’s existing SAP EHS Management platform. 3E's own multi-lingual staff of dedicated, highly qualified MSDS authors, create, analyze and manage globally compliant MSDSs and product label content covering regulatory and language requirements for more than 50 countries. Authors can format MSDSs to be compliant with ANSI, GHS, REACH, and all of the major global requirements such as Japan, EU, USA and Canada, producing compliant documents that meet the needs of customers' most complex requirements.
  • Clients can realize the full value of centralizing data into SAP by also feeding raw material vendor MSDS data into SAP EHS Management. A list of vendor products is all that is required for 3E to cross-reference against its massive MSDS library, and in turn, feed data directly to SAP.  In the event the MSDS doesn’t already exist in our database, 3E will proactively obtain it directly from your supplier on your behalf. And, 3E can assume the burden of maintaining MSDS revisions on an on-going basis, providing employees access to the most recent available version.

3E Company’s own team of specialists researches, procures and updates the global regulatory, product safety, transportation and chemical property and hazard content that fuels the Ariel solution set. The Global Research Team consists of professionals with legal expertise and active relationships with the government agencies around the world that provide assistance in procuring and analyzing legislation. Ariel content is based on official government sources in the respective countries. The team has extensive language skills to facilitate translations and dialogue with appropriate regulatory bodies. While there are several vendors who specialize in the data management technology while buying the bulk of their content to re-package or resell, 3E Company offers the valuable combination of both. We source our own content and develop the underlying technology to deliver it—all with our own employees, no sub-contractors.

Keywords: decision support, Msds, Regulatory Compliance, Track Record

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MSDS, EHS, Environmental Safety Compliance - solutions

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