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By: 3e Company  09-12-2011
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Implementing GHS compliance activities into your organization is no easy task. Companies need to re-evaluate how their substances and mixtures are classified for each regulatory entity, country and/or region and will likely need to re-issue several MSDSs and labels.

The pioneer and leader in outsourced environmental health and safety (EH&S) compliance information, 3E Company is committed to helping companies stay ahead of the curve with solutions for identifying and managing increasingly complex and changing global chemical regulatory obligations.

As GHS is adopted in countries and regions around the globe, 3E stands ready to provide services to address the new requirements and associated chemical regulatory information needed for compliance management.

This subscription-based online compliance management tool serves as a reference tool, centralizing all global chemical regulatory data into a robust, searchable, easy-to-use database. WebInsight provides quick access to official GHS classifications, including substance classifications published by the Japanese, European, Korean, Taiwanese and New Zealand authorities. Other features supporting GHS compliance include:

GHS Classification

To generate a GHS classification, Ariel WebInsight helps the user to enter a formulation and check what regulatory, toxicity or eco-toxicity data is available for the individual components. Users can use the regulatory and scientific data downloaded from WebInsight, or use their own. Once all the product and substance data is entered into the system, users can run the WebInsight GHS rules engine to derive a classification.

The GHS rules engine assigned a GHS classification based on the UN Purple Book, but also takes into consideration country specific variations and cut off limits.

GHS Labels

Based on a GHS classification, Ariel WebInsight generates a visual example of a GHS label with the right pictograms, hazard and precautionary statements. The labeling tool even takes into account country variations in the implementation of GHS.

GHS Full Text

GHS Phrases

The Ariel Phrase library in WebInsight accounts for GHS hazard and precautionary statements in Japanese and Korean and soon will add European languages as well.

Our integrated content tools feed chemical regulatory data into standard ERP platforms, such as SAP® EHS Management and The WERCS® as well as diverse, custom, open corporate EH&S systems. These integrated data tools provide efficient change management and regular updates as regulations change and new ones are released. They include several features supporting GHS:

GHS Rules

Ariel GHS Rules allow for mixture classification and labeling according to the UN Purple Book. Classification is based on the physical, health and environmental hazards of the mixture. The Ariel GHS Rules take into account the most up-to-date country-specific variations.

Multi-lingual Phrases

The Ariel Multi-Lingual Phrase library contains more than 10,000 distinct phrases used for the creation of MSDSs and labels, including header and sub-header phrases, exposure scenario phrases, regulatory titles, risk and safety phrases, and GHS classification, hazard and precautionary statements. The library is provided in more than 40 languages.

3E Company can provide GHS classification of substances and mixtures as a separate service and/or as part of MSDS and label authoring for companies that want GHS classification. 3E can also author MSDS in compliance with GHS requirements for the country or region that has adopted GHS or anticipated to adopt GHS.

Any variety of Hazard Communication documents may be generated by MSDgen to meet international regulatory compliance and business requirements. MSDgen provides full support of hazard communication, classification, and labeling directives to generate globally-compliant (M)SDSs and label documents as well as business/user definable documents, such as Technical Data Sheets, Product Data Sheets, Hazard Summaries, and Product Stewardship Summaries.

MSDgen uses many algorithms to accommodate the requirements outlined in the GHS. This consists of the classification of substances and mixtures according to their health, environmental and physical hazards, and HazCom requirements for labeling and Safety Data Sheets.

For downstream users: 3E Online-MSDS Management

MSDS Obtainment

One of the most valuable features of 3E Online-MSDS is the MSDS obtainment service that comes with it. 3E's obtainment services involve working with tens of thousands of manufacturers and suppliers to ensure 3E Online subscribers have the most relevant and recent MSDS. As suppliers author GHS-compliant MSDSs, 3E will source these documents on our clients' behalf and replace the outdated versions.

Extracting GHS information from the MSDS

A team of highly-skilled multilingual specialists extract and index up to 20 data elements from each MSDS using strict quality control procedures. Transcribing GHS information is part of this process. In addition, raw materials GHS classification and labeling information can be imported into SAP EHSM using 3E's ADM-VMSDS application.

GHS Labels

3E Online-MSDS features a label tool for secondary container labels or replacing damaged labels on product containers. Four of the 25 available templates are GHS specific.

GHS Classification and Labeling Reports

Multiple reports extract GHS information about each product into Excel format for further evaluation and analysis, helping users track which MSDSs have been updated with GHS information as countries transition to GHS.

GHS Regulatory Reports

Generate reports identifying which products in a user's inventory have CAS numbers on global GHS classification and labeling regulatory lists, such as European, Korean and Japanese lists. Reports can be generated to show changes to these regulatory lists and related impacts to a user's inventory over specific periods of time.

Revision Alert for GHS

Keywords: Compliance Management, Environmental Health, health and safety

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MSDS, EHS, Environmental Safety Compliance - solutions

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