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By: 3e Company  09-12-2011
Keywords: supply chain, Hazardous Materials, decision support

3E Company’s comprehensive suite of products and services enables companies to more effectively manage the full spectrum of EH&S compliance and product stewardship. Solutions that support green supply chain management, sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives build upon 3E’s core data offerings.

While the market has been flooded with a number of software packages designed to incorporate green initiatives into supply chain management, procurement, ERP systems and other business processes, 3E tackles these challenges from a data and information perspective. 3E Company believes that information and data are the critical elements needed for industry to begin formulating common definitions. To that end, 3E offers a number of data-driven solutions to address sustainability initiatives.

Informed decisions about the products you manufacture

Ariel™ data products offer a valuable resource for information related to sustainability. Ariel data is a massive aggregation of global chemical and regulatory content that is delivered or accessed by the products within the Ariel EH&S Decision Support family and MSDgen®, 3E’s premier MSDS authoring software system. While this information helps ensure the products manufacturers produce are compliant with regulations, additional analysis can be conducted related to the toxicity of the substances and raw materials used in the manufacturing process. This all leads to greener, safer, less toxic production of their final products.

Informed decisions about the products you purchase, use or sell downstream

Providing a safer, greener workplace for your employees

Tracking and managing your facilities’ chemical inventories using 3E tools is a highly effective way to ensure the materials used throughout your enterprise conform to corporate initiatives related to purchasing, storing, transporting, handling and disposing of safer, greener products. For companies in the process of implementing such initiatives, 3E’s tools enable the identification of products containing air/water pollutants, extremely hazardous substances or ozone depleting chemicals and thereby implement stringent approval processes prior to purchase or ban them altogether from future procurement.

For companies whose use of such products is unavoidable, 3E’s tools enable EH&S staff to conduct an evaluation and resulting toxic profile, per facility, that will enable them to make improvements and adjustments, such as additional training for certain sites, or localization of highly hazardous chemicals to fewer locations.

Minimizing the impact of an incident

Improper handling and storage of hazardous materials can result in a number of scenarios that can cause adverse effects to human and animal health as well as the environment. Failure to respond quickly to an unintended incident, such as a chemical spill or inhalation can turn a small incident into a larger one, increasing the impact of the event on the environment. Providing your employees with immediate, 24/7 access to the 3E EH&S Mission Control Center can significantly improve the final outcome. 3E’s highly trained technical staff, solely focused on responding to incidents, can ensure quick, decisive action in the event of an emergency.

Discover a product’s sNDA™

3E Company and Source 44 work with companies to discover the origins of their products – their Sustainability DNA (sDNA)- and help them transform those findings into innovative supply chain savings.  3E Company and Source 44 support the rapid analysis of product footprints by collecting and analyzing data such as carbon emissions, water consumption, waste generation and other relevant factors. This process identifies the critical supply chain elements requiring detailed assessment, which is then compiled into a proprietary template called a Footprint Data Sheet™ (FDS).

These FDSs are made available in a robust, searchable web-based application, enabling clients to use this sustainability data effectively—and affordably—to make effective business decisions that deliver measurable results.

Sustainability DNA (sDNA) and Footprint Data Sheet (FDS) are trademarks of Source 44. © Copyright Source 44 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Keywords: decision support, Hazardous Materials, Hazardous Substances, supply chain

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