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By: Volare Solutions  09-12-2011

Volare offers the following services to small and medium-sized enterprises:

Custom Software development
Commercially available software applications are designed for larger companies. Smaller companies end-up adjusting their workflow to use these applications. We design software applications that are custom-made for your business. Thus, you do longer need to adjust your business practices to the software. We adjust the software for you.
Custom software applications are a great means of streamlining your business practices and eliminating repititions and redundancies which lead to savings in time and money. Additionally, they give you better control of your business. These benefits have a significant impact on your ROI.For example, Volare recently developed a custom application for a temporary staffing company that allowed them to add, modify and remove information of one or more employees in 3 different commercially purchased software applications with just a few mouse clicks. Where the task used to take about 10 minutes for each employee, now it takes just a few seconds. Additionally, custom software reduces the chances of human error.For another company, Volare designed custom reports that gathered data from multiple databases and displayed it from different perspectives as desired by the customer. While doing this task manually required hours, it takes a few clicks now to display the same data in reports. The management can now have a clear view of how the company is doing in just a few seconds.Web development
Whether you are an individual or a company, Volare can develop a web site for you that meets your needs.


Volare offers training on a variety of popular software like Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Access and Power Point), Google Apps, Windows XP and Windows 7. Our training can help your employees explore what can be done and how to do it. It brings them to speed quickly.Consulting
Do you want to buy a new computer or new software and do not know which product would be the best for you? Volare can help you make the right choice based on your need and resources. We can also assist you with installing programs, cleaning your computer of viruses and not-required programs, update to Windows 7 and so on and so forth. This service can save you enormous amout of time reseaching and testing several products.

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