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By: So Many Things To Do  09-12-2011

The French President nearly lost his balance but finally recoiled to escape the threatening hand.

One question raises: Why ? Why this man attacked the French President ?

I personally gathered the best experts to get the answer. Here are the three assumptions the experts gave me.

Hypothesis #1
The man was just curious about the fabric of Sarkorzy’s suit.
“Is it really cotton? No way! Come closer, I wanna feel it. Come Here, I love cotton suits. Here we go…”

Hypothesis #2
The guy is a huge fan of Arthur and the Invisibles and wanted to bring President Sarkozy back to the underworld kingdom he belongs to.

Hypothesis #3
All the operation is fake. The attack was just an attempt to break the World Guinness Record of the shortest wrestling match.

Hypothesis #4
Old rancor.
“Hi Nicky! Remember me in fourth grade? You stole my blue pencil motherf… The time for revenge has come !”

I personally have not idea, I just discovered Sarkozy was President of France…

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