SCL Medtech - GenaSIC

By: Scl Medtech  09-12-2011

For Occupational Asthma

A closed-circuit chamber that facilitates the production of aerosols to be used for research on occupational asthma.

SCL•GenaSIC™ is capable of generating continuous, low and stable concentrations of agents or aerosols, in an airtight enclosure at strictly controlled atmospheric conditions.

Currently, the scientific community seems to have lost incentive to perform SIC measurements, because of the burden of handling and cleaning the equipment. SCL•GenaSIC™ is the solution! It is automated, self-cleaning and pre-programmed for the generation of powders or liquids, such as flours, wood dusts and chemicals.

Accessible: No need for support of a specialized lab, the SCL•GenaSIC™ is affordable and independent.
Automated: The SCL•GenaSIC™ takes care of everything - from startup to cleaning after use.
Precise: Validation showed unmatched precision for research on OA.
Efficient: With SCL•GenaSIC™, performing SIC tests has never been this fast and easy.
Safe: Features leak-free generation, security system in case of anomaly and reduced occurrence of exaggerated asthma attacks.
Universal: The SCL•GenaSIC™ can generate virtually all industrial contaminants: solids, liquids and vapors.

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