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By: Scl Medtech  09-12-2011
Keywords: Batteries, industrial hygiene

Modular solution to create your own test bench.

An efficient and reliable solution to test industrial hygiene and laboratory tools and devices.

The SCL Test Kits™ can be connected in networks of up to 32 units, allowing you to create your own custom-made efficient and polyvalent test bench. Test Kit units with different purposes can be connected together (i.e.: test kits for batteries can be connected to test kits for pumps, etc).

Improving the mixing of complex aerosols

Advantages of the SCL Test Kits™

Accessible: SCL Test Kits™ are highly affordable and provide a good ROI.
Precise: Each unit offers accurate testing for their specific applications.
Flexible: SCL Test Kits™ can be used to test flow, pressure, gas concentration, electric current and more. This makes them ideal to test batteries, pumps, filters, aerosol generation chambers, etc.
Network: SCL Test Kits™ can be used individually or in networks of up to 32 units to create test benches. No need for wires, units can be connected with their embedded side connectors.
Compatible: Testing results can be sent to your database and/or OPC client.

Case study 1: Pumps and batteries

A renowned industrial hygiene laboratory frequently went to various locations to take air samples. Unfortunately, when coming back to the laboratory, approximately 10% of the samples weren’t valid.

1. The culprit: Faulty pumps and batteries are making sampling impossible or unreliable.

2. The consequences: Loss of time and resources, siginificant portions of the sampling had to be redone at high cost.

3. The conclusion: The lab needed a way to ensure their hardware was fully operational before starting their sampling process.

4. The solution: Creating a custom test bench for the lab’s pumps and batteries by using SCL Test Kits™.

5. The result: look right..

Case study 2: Air filters in complex environments

A research institute in occupational health wants to test the efficiency of workplace air filters. These filters provide information on human safety when exposed to various aerosols, but do not have information on safety when several aerosols coexist in a single environment.

1. The question: How do filters behave when aerosols mix at work?

2. The need: Mix aerosols with critical accuracy in controlled atmospheric conditions.

3. The answer: Use SCL Test Kits™ and SCL GenaMINI™ to generate various aerosol mixes while controlling flow, humidity and temperature.

4. The result: A custom filter test bench, look down..

Keywords: Batteries, industrial hygiene

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