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By: Rikochet  09-12-2011

Web development

We focus on two important communication axes while designing Web sites:

  • the information side, in which clarity is key;
  • goal achievements (yours).
  • analysis;
  • architecture (web tree and content design);
  • sketches;
  • design;
  • production;
  • quality control.

Everything is adapted to your project, while we make sure our know-how gets applied on top, everytime. Oh, and we do communicate with you, the client, throughout the process.

Other graphic services

Our canvas is a screen. Our paint is pixel-based. Our services are:

  • diagrams and icons;
  • user-interface for apps/software, TV and mobile devices;
  • adaptation of corporate ID for screen and Web;
  • motion design and presentation templates;
  • flash animation and vector graphics.

You have the marketing team?
Then we shall bring technical and graphical know-how.

We will integrate our team seamlessly with your marketing team to bring in the graphic design expertise that you need. You can count on us to guide you through the ever changing Web universe. Our team keeps up with the latest buzz on the Web, while keeping our feet firmly on the ground. It allows us to support you with:

  • Copywriting and how to write for the Web;
  • Search engine optimization (SEO);
  • New medias;
  • How to reach customers and great Web UX.

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Rikochet :: Application programming (apps

The Web is growing at a very rapid pace and promises to be one of the foremost technological platforms in the near future. Web-based apps have already started revolutionizing the software industry with their many advantages. Experienced developers and meticulous programmers. Subscriptions, event management and surveys.


Conception et amélioration d'interfaces (utilisabilité

Une bonne utilisabilité vous permet d’atteindre vos buts: augmentation de conversion et vente en-ligne, mise en marché facilitée, fidélisation de votre clientèle, simplification d'un processus d’affaires, utilisation accrue d'un produit ou service, et plus. Pour tout projet, que ce soit en consultation ou pour la réalisation d’un projet complet, nous appliquons toutes nos connaissances afin de créer des interfaces basées sur 2 principes.


Voici nos services présentés sous trois angles

Notre équipe de programmation réalise des mandats de programmation d'applications Web ou mobiles, et possède de l'expérience sur de nombreuses plateformes applicatives. Notre approche du design mise sur une phase de recherche approfondie afin d'élaborer le produit le plus simple, clair et concis pour votre clientèle. Nous offrons les services de création et d'ergonomie d'interface pour logiciels, applications Web ou site Web.