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By: Lesite  09-12-2011

  • PLAN –

    Does the strategic setup of your specific calendar include objectives and the activities and milestones on the road to reaching them

    Ensure that each aspect of the planning phase is manifested online to the full expectations of our clients

    Analize the results of our execution with measurable statistics and a set of checks in place to ensure that all core objectives have been met or exceeded.

At LeSite, we know that ongoing success is the only true success. Therefore, a continuous relationship with our clients is integral to all of our strategic planning.

Le Site becomes one with our clients and often these clients think of us as the extension of their business that is devoted to online success. Many organizations treat their clients as a number - or worse yet - a paycheck. Due to the involvement Le Site has with your organization, it is our realization that you, the client, are the most important factor for success. Your concerns are our concerns. We react quickly to clients' needs with the experience needed to drive all of the company's events, whether great or small, to a final successful resolution.

If you are looking for an organization to agree with you and hang on your every word, whether or not the idea is viable or will foster growth, Le Site may not be the organization for you. Bold ideas and execution have paved the way for many of our clients’ significant growth. We are not here to say "YES," we are here to challenge and to impart our guidance and experience. Think of us as the “internet doctor”. We are here to find the right cure for your organization. Just as a physician heals his patients, we use our intellect and experience to diagnose and treat all of our clients' needs.

Strategy well exceeds the preliminary phases and creation of your company’ online experience. We don’t stop at creation. Our strategist will assist you with a recommended path and creation of the framework that will then be applied to your online site, fostering success. From creation to site monitoring, Le Site is involved in every step of the process to ensure that each detail is in line with your company’s core objectives.