GIRO - GIRO/ACCES – Paratransit scheduling

By: Giro  09-12-2011

As the demand for paratransit services continues to grow, providers require efficient tools to help manage the complex task of both controlling costs and delivering quality service to their customers.

GIRO/ACCES is designed to meet the needs of large paratransit organizations with centralized call-taking centers.

Through fully automated scheduling, the software ensures cost-effective usage of available resources while respecting service policies.  It is in daily use in agencies that provide up to 6,000 trips per day, either directly or through one or more contractors. GIRO/ACCES:

  • Stores up-to-date customer information, ensuring that specific needs are taken into account for each trip request.
  • Furnishes rapidly and accurately all necessary information on current and future client trip requests in order to respond to queries from customers, operators, and office staff.
  • Provides fully automated scheduling tools to build runs that optimize productivity while respecting service policies, vehicle capacities, and customer needs.
  • On-going run optimization ensures the most efficient assignment and servicing of trips right up to the day of operation.
  • Group booking feature allows easy booking of recurring group trip requests having a common origin and/or destination address.
  • Dispatching features enable the monitoring and controlling of run assignments and activities.

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