GeoRoute – Routing and scheduling

By: Giro  09-12-2011

GeoRoute offers proven route management and optimization software specifically designed to meet the diversified and often complex requirements of postal organizations.  GeoRoute manages routes that visit most streets, as required for mail delivery, as well as point-to-point routes, as in the case of mailbox collection or extra pouch delivery. 

GeoRoute is the routing software most widely used by postal administrations, with installations in , , , , , , , and the .

GeoRoute features powerful optimization tools that minimize the number of daily routes required to service a given area.  Route reductions typically reach 5% for mail delivery and 15% for other operations.  Interactive map-based tools allow you to make any required change to the routes proposed by the software, or even create your own.  You can then produce detailed maps and reports that accurately document each route.

Intended for organizations with multiple users and/or sites, GeoRoute also provides many tools to allow system administrators to customize the software for their users.

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