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By: Bty Group  09-12-2011

BTY Group provides Independent Certifier (IC) services based on our experience on over 25 PPP projects across all market sectors and Canadian regions.

We understand the IC’s importance as the pivotal link between the public authority and the consortium undertaking a PPP project, and its duty of care to both parties in mitigating risk on all fronts. BTY Group can:

  • implement a checking and verification process for design and construction compliance;
  • Issue monthly status reports detailing compliance reviews to both parties to the Project Agreement;
  • Report on construction progress and schedule review in conjunction with site inspections;
  • Where required, certify and monitor monthly public authority funding contribution payments;
  • In the capacity of an independent mediator, act as a first-point-of-call for dispute resolution;
  • Certify Service Commencement/ Substantial Completion;

BTY Group has provided Independent Certifier services on healthcare, government archive and data management, judicial, correctional, and transportation infrastructure projects.

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