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By: Biometrix Medica  09-12-2011
Keywords: Posture

Spine, Pelvis and Posture Analysis in 3D

Fast, contactless, radiation-free -- the Formetric uses a fast (40 milliseconds) hi-defi nition optical measurement of the surface of the back of your patient to produce graphical, clinical and analytical information on the spine, the pelvis and posture.

Ideal for chiropractors, the Formetric provides clinical information to develop your diagnostics and treatments and to document your treatment outcomes.

The Formetric’s radiation-free and non-intrusive qualities allow you to repeatedly do multiple scans of your patients e.g. before and immediately after.

A complement to your radiology equipment, the Formetric does not require any license and special building construction, nor any lengthy training for its accurate and repeatable measurements.

What the experts are saying..

“ The high accuracy of this method (Formetric) used on scoliosis patients was clinically confi rmed by Drerup, et al. and compared with customary thorax radiographs by Hackenberg, et al.”
— Drerup, B., et al. Research Into Spinal Deformities. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: lOS Press; 1997
— Hackenberg, L., et al.Rasterstereographic back shape analysis in idiopathic scoliosis
after posterior correction and fusion. Clin Biomech. 2003

“ The non-invasive method of examination of the body posture off ers the possibility to analyse the
prospective development of the jaw position and the body posture of children and youths with the possible infl uence of an orthodontic therapy included in the treatment objectives.”
— Lippold, Danesh, Hoppe, Drerup, Hackenberg – Angle Orthodontist, Vol 77, No 1, 2007

“ Video rasterstereography (Formetric) has been used for the evaluation of brace and physiotherapy eff ects”
— H. -R. Weiss, R. Klein – Improving excellence in scoliosis rehabilitation – Pediatric Rehabilitation, 2005

Keywords: Posture

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