Sound masking

Sound masking from Soft Db

By: Soft Db  06-02-2013
Keywords: Acoustic Material, Sound Masking, White Noise

Sound masking increases the concentration and productivity of workers by increasing the speech privacy and acoustical comfort.

In open plan, it reduces the distractions caused by unwanted speech or noise, workers are less distracted and less stressed. Several studies have shown improved productivity. It is also recommended by the Institute for Research in Construction of the NRC for open-plan offices.

In closed offices, sound masking provides a good privacy even if the walls are built to the suspended ceiling and not to the deck, reducing construction costs.

Our SmartSMS is the only system with an automatic calibration system. It guarantees the generation of the optimum masking spectrum, regardless of the room characteristics.

A unique active adjustment system is also available. It measures the ambient noise in a room and accordingly adjusts the sound masking volume automatically. The system maximizes the efficiency of the system when the office is very busy and preserves the employees’ comfort when it is quiet.

Keywords: Acoustic Material, analyse acoustic, Sound Masking, White Noise,