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By: Avianor  09-12-2011
Keywords: aircraft maintenance

Non Destructive Testing

Aerocas NDT services, is a division of the Avianor Group, offering you the perfect solutions for all your non destructive testing needs.

Our facility located in Mirabel combined with our on-site aircraft inspection department supplies a high quality, fast service to aircraft maintenance organizations worldwide. We are there for the long term, short term or your immediate demands. We have the professional staff to assist you on a moment's notice.

Aircraft inspections are carried out using the following techniques:

Dye Penetrant inspection - NDT method used to reveal surface breaking flaws by bleed out of fluorescent dye from the flaw.

Magnetic Particle Inspection Services - NDT method that can be used to find surface and sub-surface flaws in ferromagnetic materials such as steel and iron.

Ultrasonic inspection services - This process uses sound waves of short wave length and high frequency to detect flaws or can measure material thickness. It can be used as an alternative to radiography for sub-surface flaws detection.

Radiographic inspection (X-Ray) - Primarily used to find sub-surface flaws in material through high voltage x-ray. It is a very common process for detection of cracks, debris and corrosion performed during routine maintenance.

Eddy current inspection services - Electromagnetic techniques used only on conductive materials. The application ranges from crack detection to small flaws of material variations.

We pride ourselves on stringent quality systems, approved by TCA and FAA. Our technicians are all fully qualified in all disciplines and with portable equipment, we are capable of deploying a crew anywhere in the world very rapidly.

Data storage and retrieval enables inspection results to be reviewed elsewhere or printed out as a document archive for the aircraft.


Keywords: aircraft maintenance

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Traditionally, Avianor and MAS have provided spares support, interior monument modification/fabrication as well as seat refurbishment and modification to these owners as well as Engineering services to approve the manufacture or modification of these components.