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By: Avianor  09-12-2011
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Avianor is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of aircraft galleys, galley inserts, catering equipment, flight crew seats and custom components such as dividers, closets and stowages.

The company specializes in custom design and production of components designed to allow operators the maximum of flexibility in cabin design and configuration.

Engineering and certification is completed in house through the Aerocas engineering division. The company has managed projects involving regulators from multiple jurisdictions.

Flight Crew Seats

Avianor Inc. owns the manufacturing and design rights for the following Dash 7/8 equipment:

Aviatech 386 Crew Seats

Avianor Inc. maintains stock of the most commonly requested spares for these components. In addition, the company offers repair and overhaul services for the 386 and other crew seats used on the Dash 7/8 aircraft.

Atlas Meal & Beverage Carts

Avianor meal and beverage carts are equipped with a 4 wheel brake system, pull out work table and can be customized to reflect the stowage requirements of individual customers.

Atlas Waste Carts

Avianor heavy duty waste carts are designed to withstand the abuse these components are often subjected to when in service.

Under Bin Class Divider

Custom designed for any aircraft application, Avianor seat track mounted under bin dividers are adaptable to any configuration. Many are produced with attached "doghouse" stowage units.

Center Line Class Divider

Avianor dividers are designed to adapt to any wide body configuration and are designed to accommodate loads imparted by video screens or worktables.

Center Line Divider & Stowage Unit

In addition to dividing the cabin, these units are designed to provide in flight service work space in addition to safety equipment or cabin amenity storage.

Fold Down Service Table

The Avianor fold down table can be installed on Class Dividers, Galleys or Lavatory surfaces. They allow additional work space for in flight service personnel and meet all regulatory requirements.

Folding Carts

This cabin service trolley is ideal for distribution of cabin amenities or enhanced premium class service. It folds flat for easy stowage when not in use.

Galley Unit

Avianor Galleys are custom designed to address the requirements of individual customers. Avianor specializes in small production runs with short lead time.

Galley & Stowage Unit

This galley complex includes an interconnected aisle stowage unit for meal service carts and cabin equipment.

Under Bin Seat Track Mounted Cabinet

These wide body cabinets were designed for Airbus A330/A340 aircraft and can accommodate 6 roll away suitcases commonly used by In flight personnel.

Double Catering Rack

This LD6 size unit is capable of storing over 100 food carriers.

Baby Bassinets

Avianor Bassinets are available in custom finishes to meet airline requirements.

Atlas Drawers

Avianor Drawers are manufactured from high alloy anodized aluminum and can be custom embossed with the Airline Logo at no extra charge.

Atlas Food Carriers

Avianor carriers are manufactured from high alloy anodized aluminum and can be custom embossed with the Airline Logo at no extra charge. They may be customized to accommodate different stowage configurations.

B747 Boutique Stowage unit

A330/A340 Mid Cabin Stowage unit

This custom designed unit is designed for a gross weight of over 1000 pounds, consisting of Galley stowage boxes, customer luggage and safety equipment. This full height unit incorporates many special design features which allow for installation in the aircraft without the use of an upper attach fitting.

Oven Inserts

Avianor Oven inserts and trays are manufactured from high strength alloys to ensure long service life.

Syringe Disposal

This sharps container can be mounted in aircraft lavatories or galleys and offer a safe, secure stowage for medical needles requiring disposal in flight.


Provide the traveling public a means to safely dispose of used syringes while travelling on your equipment.

Protect other passengers and maintenance employees from accidental contact with used syringes.

Allow for disposal in a safe and secure manner to prevent acts of mischief or violence.

Syringe disposal features:

  • All aluminum construction.
  • Visual indication of contents for ease of inspection.
  • Secure lock and key.
  • Spring loaded one way access door.
  • Disposable polycarbonate storage tube with seal.
  • Designed for simple installation in aircraft or train lavatories.
  • Full compliance with FAR regulations.
  • Low initial investment and disposal tube replacement cost.

Keywords: Aircraft, Crew Seats, Flight Service,

Other products and services from Avianor


Avianor - cut sew

In addition to supporting the seat maintenance operations of MAS, the cut and sew department also provides extensive repair and new manufacturing services. Netting for aircraft cargo compartments and rail passenger cars. Seat Dress Covers in Fabric and Leather. In Flight Service Pouches and stowages. Curtains for aircraft and trains.


Avianor - distribution

We can also develop stocking programs to enable our customers to reduce their inventory, thereby reducing carrying charge and the costs associated with obsolete or expired inventory. Our objective is to help your business achieve success by providing unsurpassed service, technical expertise, prompt deliveries and competitive prices.


Avianor - non destructive testing

Our facility located in Mirabel combined with our on-site aircraft inspection department supplies a high quality, fast service to aircraft maintenance organizations worldwide. Magnetic Particle Inspection Services - NDT method that can be used to find surface and sub-surface flaws in ferromagnetic materials such as steel and iron.


Avianor - avionics

Pitot/static system integrity test (leak test and 24 months inspection check. MAS is proud to also offer full Avionics services to its customers. ATC transponder system check 24 months on wing re-calibration check.


Avianor - wheel and brake

Total Program Management Service “Axle to Axle Service. Continuous Flow – lean manufacturing techniques.


Avianor - services

Avianor specializes in the manufacturing of interior equipment such as galleys, catering equipment, inserts, crew seats, closets, dividers and a multitude of customized products. Avianor complements these skills with a full range of distributed products for aircraft maintenance.


Avianor - heavy maintenance

Traditionally, Avianor and MAS have provided spares support, interior monument modification/fabrication as well as seat refurbishment and modification to these owners as well as Engineering services to approve the manufacture or modification of these components.