Industrial Tube Inspection Solutions for Heat Exchangers

By: Acousticeye  09-12-2011
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Powered by patented technology, our non-invasive heat exchanger inspection solutions are used to detect flaws and measure wall thickness in tubes. Using our solutions, oil and gas refineries can rest assured that their equipment is operating safely and efficiently at all times.

Power Generation

AcousticEye's unique technology is highly appropriate for challenging physical environments, such as those prevalent in power generation facilities. We provide inspection solutions for traditional and "green" power generation applications, including coal, gas, nuclear, hydro and renewable energy markets. Our reliable, advanced technology-based inspection solutions maximize efficiency, minimize downtime, enhance productivity and ensure safety.


AcousticEye's innovative heat exchanger inspection solutions enable the fast and efficient maintenance of critical systems for petrochemical companies. Our highly accurate flaw detection improves business efficiency, reduces downtime and lowers maintenance costs in petrochemical plants.


Our non-invasive inspection solution helps leading companies in the chemical industry to achieve new levels of efficiency, safety and sustainability. The solution is particularly effective for graphite heat exchangers that cannot be inspected using other conventional technologies. By detecting leaks, pitting, bulging and blockages in heat exchanger tubes, our products ensure integrity and meet the unique needs of chemical processing facilities.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage producers must optimize productivity and control costs in order to succeed in highly competitive market. Our solutions help food and beverage producers to maximize performance, minimize downtime and streamline their maintenance processes, while complying with quality, health and safety regulations.

Air Conditioning (HVAC)

AcousticEye's unique non-invasive inspection technology facilitates rapid inspection of HVAC tube systems, regardless of tube configuration and type of material. Our field-proven solution is highly effective in the inspection of dual-unit air conditioning systems comprised of steamers and chillers, an application which poses major challenges for other tube inspection technologies.

Pulp and Paper

We supply technology-driven heat exchanger inspection solutions to meet the needs of various applications in the pulp and paper industry. Our cost-effective and reliable products achieve the highest level of accuracy in flaw detection, improving our customers' business efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

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Dolphin - NDT Tube Inspection for Heat Exchangers - key features

Inspection setup is performed via a connected external computer that also records and analyzes test data using specialized AcousticEye software. A set of proprietary, patented algorithms identifies and reports exact location, type and size of inner diameter defects. The compact Dolphin G3™ handheld comprises the entire non-invasive probe assembly. Returned echoes generated by defects are recorded and analyzed.


Dolphin - NDT Tube Inspection for Heat Exchangers - acoustic eye dolphin tube inspection solution

Featuring patented Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry technology, Dolphin G3™ is an advanced, yet easy-to-use tool that overcomes the limitations of many conventional inspection techniques. Providing reliable inspection of even the most challenging tube sizes and configurations, AcousticEye increases inspection cycle efficiency and operational cost savings.