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By: Productions Vic Pelletier  09-12-2011


Our team is highly experienced in developing and setting up Web solutions. By first mastering many cutting-edge technologies, we are able to then skillfully apply them as needed in the production of various projects. Our team of script-writers, publishers, programmers, web developers, designers, and testers work closely together to bring to fruition even your most complex projects. We take the time to both guide and work with you throughout the creative process, in order to deliver a high quality product which will completely meet your needs. Our solutions and technological skills are there to make your life easier.

Application :

Solutions :

Internet site/ Intranet
Setting up a microsite, blog or forum
Web application development
Interactive training module (case studies)
Games, surveys, edutainment activities
Chat system
Widget (Yahoo, Google, AIR)
AIR application
Flash module
Explanatory animated video
Setting up a link for payments
Technical expertise in setting up server architecture
Compressing and broadcasting videos by request, via HTTP

Technologies(Programming languages) :

PHP, Zend, Symfony, Flash (2.0 / 3.0 / Flex), Air, Java, MySQL, MsSQL, Apache, .NET, IIS, Javascript, JQuery, JSON, Ajax

Interactive television

We possess the necessary skills to develop supplementary interactive applications for a television program or an Internet site.

We are partners with Bluestreak Technology, who invented MachBlue™, a presentation engine based on Flash® and intended for digital terminals. This technology is most notably used by Vidéotron for their illico interactive television service.

Examples of possible interactive elements for an interactive program:

  • Voting
  • Surveys
  • Competitions
  • Games and entertaining activities
  • Information capsules
  • Activities using a Video On Demand (VOD) player
  • Sending remarks and suggestions

Mobile telephones

Recently, we have welcomed the opportunity to develop applications for the mobile telephones iPhone™ and Blackberry™. Two applications are currently in the design process and will soon be available to the public.

Close captioning for hearing-impaired people

We now have the necessary competences and equipment to offer close captioning services for hearing-impaired people. This process is more and more common and requested in the televisual field; it allows us to make the productions accessible to the viewers suffering from hearing problems. Our close captioning service is done according to the current standards.

Transfer of video formats

NTSC is the whole of the standards which govern the video color coding according to the supports and geographical areas. At Groupe PVP, we are equipped to transfer video footage in various formats such as HD CAM / HD CAM SR / XD CAM / Betacam numérique / Betacam SP / DVD / DV CAM / Blu-ray, and all that in PAL or NTSC.

Video editing

We offer editing services to various external customers since a few years, apart of our own productions. These services include the renting of the material and the hiring of a professional editor, guaranteeing quality result living up to your expectations and Groupe PVP’s expertise in the field.

Audio/video material renting

Groupe PVP has top-of-the-range equipment for the filming of televisual productions in all kinds. This is why we offer the renting of our audio or video material such as cameras or sound recording and lighting material. The equipment can be rented at our Matane office.

Audio mixing

The audio mixing holds an important place in the achievement of the productions intended for television. We have the necessary installations and competences to offer quality products in this field. It is thus possible to rent our audio mixing services and to benefit from our recording studio.

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