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By: Kenexalliance  09-12-2011

We also provise safe custody, settlement, the handling of coupon and income payments and corporate actions. The services also extend to credit facilities and sophisticated reporting procedures. Our global custody service is not primarily one of high volume with low costs and small fees, this profile thus avoids the need to standardise and limit services, the Global Custody services unit is entirely customer driven. The facilities available provide access to all areas of the investment markets, while our complementary services may include advice to clients on the administration of assets or the opportunities and risks connected to their portfolios. If the service or expertise is not available over our website, then our local unit has direct access to the worldwide network of Bankers association and the KenexAlliance Group and is capable of co-ordinating or arranging more sophisticated services, perhaps clearing of derivative products, risk and exposure management or complex credit arrangements.

Safe Custody
Through a well-established and reputable network of sub-custodians, KenexAlliance Finance provides a global custody service, while offering a single point of entry into the major investment markets.

The security of a portfolio is not only determined by the particular investments held, but also by the manner in which they are held and by whom. KenexAlliance Finance has the strength, integrity, reputation and expertise that gives clients confidence their portfolios are securely held and are being constantly and competently reviewed.

In order to offer clients the highest level of security and avoid any legal challenge, securities are deposited with separate depositories and clearly segregated from KenexAlliance Finance's own assets.

The Global Custody services unit will process and settle all purchase and sale transactions through a worldwide network of specialist clearing houses and sub-custodians.

Settlement of transactions can be arranged in most currencies and foreign exchange can be undertaken if necessary. Bank accounts may be maintained in a variety of currencies and, if appropriate, KenexAlliance Finance can arrange to segregate the capital and income elements of a portfolio.

Where appropriate, KenexAlliance Finance will liase with all outside brokers and investment advisers with regard to trade settlements.

Income and coupon collection
KenexAlliance Finance Global Custody staff will arrange for the collection of all dividends, interest and coupons in a timely manner and will credit the appropriate currency account. Clients may provide standing instructions with regard to the receipt of income so that, if necessary, foreign exchange or disbursements may be carried out.

Corporate actions
KenexAlliance Finance is well aware of the importance of local corporate actions to the global investor. It is our procedure to seek instructions from clients prior to processing corporate actions, however there is the opportunity to provide standing order instructions so that client wishes are expedited in a timely and consistent manner.