Indoor and Outdoor Life and Executive Coaching

By:  05-04-2011
Keywords: Coaching, Counseling, Leadership Training

Executive or Business Coaching where the focus is on organizational and professional goals and achievements.

Personal Coaching, where the focus is on personal development and goals.

Walks: Let’s go for a walk-talk

Up to 3 hours coaching walks in any of and the surrounding areas. Convenient for Montreal and area residents.

One day hike: a Backpacker day

Revitalizing experience and food for thought.

Two days trip: Coaching on four wheels

Breadth in new perspectives, landscapes, and opportunities on a trip of exploration.

Three days+ retreat: A deeper journey within

Experience the wisdom of the wilderness and get in touch with your own source of inspiration.

Keywords: Anxiety Counselling, Coaching, Counseling, Depression Counselling, Leadership Training, marriage counseling, Personal Development, therapy



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Indoor and Outdoor Life and Executive Coaching

There are a variety of reasons people might need coaching. Leadership development and continued learning after a training program are key areas where coaching is done. Wanting to develop a career plan, build effective teams and improve performance (self and team), design and implement a strategic plan and hold the focus, improve time management, or wanting to develop any professional and interpersonal skill, build constructive relationships and create work life balance – all these ar