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By: Luxart  09-12-2011
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Microlux Professional is a 3D Lighting Design Software that truly spotlights creativity.

No other Lighting Design software is as powerful.. Focus and see the beams of light, find out the exact illumination,  calculate the weight on your truss and more. Microlux Professional  includes a comprehensive library of Spots, Trusses, Gels, Gobos, Objects and Theatres. 

Microlux Light is simply the best tool to create 2D Lighting Design Plan.. and it's FREE !!! 

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Microlux Vision shows lighting as controlled by the console. 

MICROLUX Vision is an add-on to Microlux Professional to allows you to visualize the intensity of spots on screen as it is controlled by the console in real time. The intensities can be shown with a beam representation on the plan or they can be displayed in a table format, thus allowing MICROLUX Vision to pre-program a lighting board without the spots.

MICROLUX Vision needs a card or a dongle plugged into the computer in order to read the DMX signal coming from the lighting board.

MICROLUX Vision can read and display up to 1536 dimmers using three DMX adapters on parallel ports.

Microlux DMX Output simply output the DMX signal..

* Outputs DMX levels to dimmers, lighting board or moving lights.
* Programs your lighting board by recording DMX cue outputs from Microlux
* Control a basic lighting sequences with Microlux.

Microlux Suite includes all of the above at a discount price! 

* Design your Plan & Paperwork
* Visualize the lighting as controlled by your console
* Program your show
* Control your lighting visually

Microlux Subscription gives access to the most recent program and library updates as well as on-line support. 

Microlux Subscription allow users, of any version of Microlux, to update their program to the most recent version, obtain the latest libraries available at any time and have access to on-line support.

* Update your libraries as soon as new objects are being released (Spots, Trusses, Gels, Gobos, Drawings, ..) 
* Update your program to the latest version
* On-line support

Users from previous version of Microlux need to specify their Product version and Invoice number during the order process. 

Keywords: Lighting, Lighting Board, Lighting Design, Lighting Design Software,