eVision - eAwards - Complete awards management system

By: Evision  09-12-2011

eAwards is an application that assists funding organizations and universities in streaming their research funding administration processes. It is a successfull collaboration between eVision and the Quebec Health Research fund.

eAwards supports funding organizations, empowering them to control, simplify and expedite the totality of their research admin tasks and enabling them to undertake data analysis and scenario simulations for advanced planning. eAwards multiple modules are essential tools to facilitate all processes underlying the life cycle of any given project's funding.

They include:

Aplication and Project Electronic Validation and Submission

  Electronic collaboration with co-applicants, supervisors,heads of departments,
referees, reviewers, etc..

Application and Project Approval by universities and research centres


Peer Review and Conflict-of-Interest Management

Funding Partners Management

Financial Dashboard functionality

Operational & Analytical Reports

eAwards further highlights:

Complete Grant Management solution

Accurate, on demand information, high data quality

Advanced budget simulations

Complete end to end electronic service delivery

Reduced program costs, decreased processing line


CASRAI compliant

CCV compatible