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By: Clinique Dentaire Saint-charles  09-12-2011

At St. Charles dental clinic, Drs Nguyen, Quach, Tran and Toussi offer a full range of general treatments such as prevention, fillings, root canals, gum treatment, surgery, crown and bridge, partial and complete denture, one hour tooth whitening, EMERGENCY SERVICE, etc.

Prevention: We recommend a scaling and polishing every six months to prevent gingivitis (gum inflammation) and tartar buildup at the root of the tooth. With frequent scaling (every three to four months) is suggested for patients suffering from gum disease (periodontitis). For children, we recommend sealants on the surface of teeth to prevent the formation of cavities on them.

Filling: We can replace your old gray fillings often defective by new white composite resin fillings. The old metal fillings are not only attractive, they also tend to damage the teeth over time: these fillings can be detached teeth, creating a seal (space between the filling and enamel) thus allowing bacteria to infiltrate and cause a recurrence of cavities. In addition, these gray fillings can cause an expansion and thus cause a fracture / breaking out of the enamel. The new white composite resin can be bonded directly to the teeth by creating a very tight seal. These composite fillings will prevent further decay and seem so natural that you'd be difficult to differentiate your natural enamel!

Root canal treatment (endodontic treatment): When decay has infected pulp (nerve) of the tooth or tooth abscess this, it needs a treatment of endodontics. The root canal is to make an opening through the tooth, remove the nerve, cleaning, drain (in cases of infections with pus), or disinfect the root (s) and sealing them with a thermoplastic bio-compatible material. The tooth becomes devitalised hence the need thereafter to strengthen the tooth with a swivel and a crown. For an emergency, you could join us from Monday to Saturday, day and evening.

Gum Treatment: When teeth have a disease of the supporting tissues (gum and bone) we recommend curettage of the roots. Destruction of the bone around the tooth will cause a premature loss of teeth. The treatment invlove removing the tartar and bacterial infections all around the root under the gum and infected gum. The treatment will prevent any progression and bone resorption caused by the disease.

Surgery: We offer a full range of extraction of wisdom teeth, gum graft (autograft and allograft, see Gum plastic surgery section), bone graft (see Implantology), sinus elevation and grafting (see Implantology), clinical crown lengthening, etc. For PAIN OR EMERGENCY of wisdom teeth, you could count on us Monday through Saturday, day and evening.

Bridge and crown: When a tooth is devitalised (post root canal), severely damaged by decay, fractured or discolored, we recommend capping the tooth with a porcelain crown to strengthen it. Our porcelain crowns are high quality virtually indistinguishable from adjacent teeth, and they provide a completely natural feeling. When one or more teeth are missing, we can replace them with the help of a bridge. All these restorations are fixed andthat  for many years.

Partial and complete denture: When several teeth are missing, we can replace them with a removable partial denture. In case all the teeth of an arch are missing, we can replace them with a complete removable denture. We recommend the replacement of prostheses every 5 years, since the residual bone is not supported by natural teeth, an is resorbed over the years. These prostheses can also be fixed on implants (see Section Implantology) where retention is poor and / or inadequate; resorption due to a residual Advanced ridges (bone and gum remainder of the jaw). Meet our denturist, Nathalie Charron. She could answer all your questions concerning your dentures. Consultation with Mme Charron is a courtesy of our clinic.

Tooth whitening in an hour: You're embarrassed to smile because your teeth are yellow, discolored? We have the solution to your problem, do you know that you can now whiten your teeth in one hour at our office in Old Longueuil? We offer our patients several options for tooth whitening, including a fast and satisfactory, at an affordable price. Tooth whiteninging is one of the easiest ways to brighten and refresh your smile. If you are distressed by the dull appearance of your teeth or your teeth were stained by cigarette, smoke or coffee, you can invest with confidence to get a smile worthy of a star! This is one of the most popular procedure offered to our cosmetic dentistry office and it gives our patients the opportunity to change their smile with a minimum investment of time and money.

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