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By: Clemex  09-12-2011
Keywords: Digital Cameras, Fibers, Pharmaceutical Industries

Clemex PSA - Particle Size and Shape Image Analysis Workstation

Addressing a need in the field of particle characterization, the Clemex Particle Size System is a versatile particle size and particle shape analysis tool that can be used in a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industries and material science.

Clemex PSA300 - Lab Unit
The Lab Unit is a self-contained automated image analysis solution that combines Clemex's powerful particle characterization software with an automated microscope and high resolution camera. It is a turnkey solution for labs that want to maintain an analytical microscopy environment with minimum intervention by the operator yet still yield maximum detail in the results.

Clemex PSA - Research Unit
The Clemex Particle Size System Research Unit is a more traditional microscopy solution. It is a highly integrated system that combines image analysis software, up to two digital cameras (for example, color and monochrome), a microscope, a high-performance PC, a motorized x/y/z stage, and has the flexibility of adjusting parameters (such as various light filters). This system has been designed to serve the scientist that must analyze various samples and, according to the best optical settings, develop methods of analysis for each one.
Image Analysis by Microscopy
Recently, the use of microscopy and image analysis is increasingly being recognized as the most reliable technique to characterize particle shape and characterize a particle size and volume distribution. Traditional methods, such as laser diffraction, although highly efficient, give limited information on particle shape proving image analysis as the best tool for performing particle analysis.

Original gray image

Binary Operations

Outline of detected particles

Industry experts, especially pharmaceutical, are now looking to characterize particle shape in addition to particle size, to gain a better understanding of how shape can effect the various properties of a product. More are recognizing the significance of particle size and shape as well as their impact on the physical characteristics of many particulate materials. Process problems with drug substances can often be attributed to the particle size or shape of the active material. The ability to accurately analyze and characterize particle by image analysis can significantly improve your company’s manufacturing efficiency. It can also improve product performance for maximum effectiveness.

Crossed Fibers Algorithm

A unique algorithm to improve accuracy when defining the length and shape of fibers. Older algorithms would define crossed fibers as either an x-shaped particle, or break the fibers into four or five segments. Using this new algorithm, the PSA300 separates crossing fibers as individual particles and assigns each one accurate size and shape parameters. This is the first image analysis system capable of proper characterization of fibers or elongated crystals, a very important control issue in the pharmaceutical industry.

Original image

Identyfied Cross Fibers

Fibers seperated

Clemex Particle Size System provides true particle shape information. Information is not determined by “correction factors” rather it is based on exactly what is seen in the microscope. Measurements are possible for individual or mixtures of different textured particles (opaque, semi-transparent, crystalline, etc).

Real Volume vs. Spherical Volume

Clemex Particle Size System automatically calculates various measurements simultaneously on thousands of individual particles. It is capable of generating statistically significant results in an amazingly short time. The powerful report generator allows speedy data processing and flexible reporting capabilities.
Clemex Particle Size System allows the management of user rights, audit trail of critical interventions, electronic signatures as well as overwrite protection of all electronic documents produced by Clemex Particle Size System imaging workstation (images, stage patterns, image analysis routines, raw binary data, image analysis report in PDF). Traceability is assured by saving all analysis settings, data, results, and images (if required) in the same protected file. All of these security features are designed to conform to regulatory requirements such as FDA 21 CFR part 11 ensuring data integrity.

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