By: Alphomega Elliott Waves  09-12-2011
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Now right from MetaStock® 7.2, 8.0, 9.x or 10.0, you can use the Elliott Waves Methodology! Have you tried to devise indicators that would forewarn you of impending doom or tremendous potential for profit? No single indicator will ever do that because it reflects the performance of one security within a very specific time frame. Elliott Waves attempt to capture the dynamic of several timeframes as well as the industry within the market and the whole market. When combined to traditional indicators and common sense, Elliott Waves become a powerful tool. If you apply this methodology, you will get an understanding of what is going on with the market, the industry and your security. How? If you want to know, read about AlphOmega Elliott Waves 5.7 by clicking below the product that fits your needs or download the demo. The demo works from the closing price and has limited features, but it is free and not limited in time. Note that you can order four different versions; AEW57 for MetaStock® 9.0 and up, AEW367 for MetaStock® 8.0 and up, AEW21 for MetaStock® 7.2 and AEW20 for MetaStock® 7.0 or 7.03. This version for 7.0 is no longer supported; although most of the features are available, the latest additions will be missing. Please consult the list of available indicators on the product page before ordering.Usually Elliott Waves identifying programs run in the four digit price. You also have to run it on top of your charting software in this case MetaStock® 7.0 or higher. Well this set operates inside MetaStock® and uses strictly internal functions so you don't have to worry about upgrading to a later MetaStock® version or computer capacity.

Please note that MetaStock® or Equis International do not make any representation about this package. MetaStock® is a registered trademark. The ExplorerTM and The Expert AdvisorTM are trademarks of Equis International.

Keywords: Security

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