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By: De Technologies  09-12-2011
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BOES ™ allows merchants to conduct a seamless international transaction from EXW (Ex Works) through DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) including intermediary steps, such as FAS (Free Alongside Ship) and CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight). The system creates the necessary electronic documents, such as: purchase orders, pro forma invoices, ocean and airway bills of lading and commercial invoices. BOES™ will also conduct the international transaction in any language or currency, calculate air, sea and land freight costs; compute taxes and import/export duties and process electronic title transfers. BOES™ also performs sophisticated financial arrangements.

Today's global trade market should allow for real time, secure and efficient transactions. However, due to the lack of a standardized international system, trade still relies on a complex yet antiquated system that presents major if not impossible barriers for most individuals and businesses.

  • Difficult Process:  Complicated freight arrangement, currency conversions, various points of transference, hard evidence of ownership and a variety of government regulatory compliance issues pose serious obstacles to any international trade transaction.

  • National Security Implication: The threat of worldwide terror is ever present at every global point of entry.

  • Expense of Conducting Trade: The process of conducting trade can be extremely confusing because of a variety of complex steps needed to trade even the simplest of everyday items.

  • Lack of Standardization: In excess of $40 trillion in products are traded globally each year. However, the process of trading these goods still runs through an antiquated system.

90% of the world's cargo moves by sea in containers stacked several stories high on huge ships between the world's mega-ports. Today's global market demands a trading system that streamlines and digitizes all international transactions. The process of trading products, be it an Alpine snow groomer shipped from Canada to the slopes of the Swiss Alps, or the small vintner's case of bottled wine from New Zealand bound for Singapore, should be accomplished using a single standard for monitoring and enabling trade transactions.

  • Decrease in Trading Fees

  • Secure Borders

  • Product Monitoring

  • Accurate Tax Assessments

allows small and large companies, governments and even individuals to conduct secure, cost effective international trade transaction in one seamless environment. The company's proprietary BOES ™ system provides its users with a standard mechanism for conducting trade. With patent coverage securing 80% of the world 's trading markets, DE Technologies is securing licensing arrangements with international trading participants.

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Keywords: Trading System