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Ultimate MicroClimate Controller
$329 Cdn
- Vents if temperature and/or humidity exceed settings
- Dual circuits for intake and exhaust supports 2 X 12"  865cfm
- Light mover or light cooling turbine -off at night
- Circulation fan -always on
- Air purifier -off when venting
- CO2 cycle timer -off when venting and at night
- Solution heater or night vent -off during the day
- Heater -off when venting and during the day
Ultimate Pro-Basic Climate Controller
$259 Cdn
- Vents if temperature and/or humidity exceed your settings. Safety feature ensures extraction turbines are powered should the grow room exceed 90F/32C
- Supports one extraction turbines of1 H.P. or two 1/3H.P. (865cfm)
- Powers and controls inline O3 air purifiers -on when venting
- Interfaces with CO2 Manager to interrupt CO2 enrichment when venting
- Powers and controls the interior air purifier to 1/3H.P. -off when venting
- Exclusive! Prewired to accept an optional thermostat and dehumidistat for advanced humidity control. Thermostat will protect your grow room from reaching too cold a temperature when venting for excess humidity during winter months. Dehumidistat will prevent ventilation due to excess humidity when the outside air is more humid than the grow room. Great to preserve CO2 in the grow room during rainy days and/or hot humid summer days.
Ultimate CO2 Manager Controller
$1249 Cdn

- Automatically maintains a user selectable CO2  level within a  300 PPM band  
- Range 0-5000ppm    - Simple two finger operation to set and calibrate
- Patch cord connects to any timer, cycle-timer or climate controller to power and control intake and exhaust turbines and cancel CO2 functions.
- Supports two 865 cfm Aeroflo turbines or a 1 HP turbine
- Patch cord can alternatively be connected to your existing ventilation system or turbines to automatically interrupt CO2 functions during ventilation periods
- Automatically powers a small A/C by day and heater at night
- CO2 day, CO2 continuous, night CO2 extraction and  continous CO2 extraction modes.
- Sensor is detatchable from the controller and can be operated remotely via an extendable cable (supplied) for precise positioning.
- Sensor is also battery operated and fully portable for spot readings.
For your safety.
All our Canadian products  are certified compliant to CSA and CEC standards.
All products sold in the United States are certified to NEC standards.
Thank you and visit us again soon for new products
Ultimate Pro-Cycle Timer
$289 Cdn
- ON start
-.5 second to 30 hour timing range for both ON and OFF times
- Combinations of independent long or short ON/OFF time settings are possible
- Repeat accuracy +/-0.3% or 99.7%- 25 Amp relay safely switches a 1 HP motor- ON when OFF circuit for solution heater/cooler- UL/CSA/(EMC)/(LV) TIMER APPROVALS
-  -10C/14F TO 55C/131F  85% RH- Perfect for aeorponic pumps, drip irrigation & CO2 injection
- Large easy to accurately set and read dials
- Clear protective dust/water timer cover
Quality 25 Amp Power Relay Kit     
$39 Cdn
- Ideal for switching 1 HP motors, lamps,  heaters, 2-ton A/C.
- SPDT (N/O and N/C) switches equipment on or off
- High Capacity Relay 5,500VA, 600W
- Prewired with easy installation instructions.
- Complete with 6 foot patch cord. Nothing else to buy. Just plug into the appropriate outlet of any Ultimate product or climate controller
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