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By: Silhouette Flooring  09-12-2011
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Engineered Hardwood Flooring Installation - Silhouette Hardwood Flooring

Our engineered flooring is designed for high performance in the most demanding of settings. Symmetry will deliver performance and visual appeal like no other engineered wood floor. It is a perfect choice for any application, and installation wise Symmetry is the most cost effective option if hardwood is desired over concrete, like in condominiums and basements


Made of 100% hardwood through and through, Symmetry is engineered to deliver the highest possible level of dimensional stability, and the same long-length plank look usually only associated with solid hardwood flooring. The random length of our boards is from 1 to 7 feet, delivering the same visual appearance as solid wood but with the versatility of engineered.
Compared to most other engineered hardwood flooring structures that use plywood or fiberboard in their core and/or backing layer, Symmetry’s unique 3 layer hardwood construction reaches astonishing peaks of strength, and structural stability. Other engineered products don’t even come close. We top the performance charts! .

Available thicknesses: 14 mm = 9/16” and 19 mm = ¾” thickness


Symmetry’s ultra-high stability attributes begin with its unique 3-layer hardwood construction and the strength that it provides. Based on performance tests, Symmetry didn’t just pass but set new levels of resistance. Its groundbreaking resistance to variations in environmental conditions was off the charts.
Symmetry hardwood flooring is so effective in counteracting the natural affect that changes in relative humidity can have on flooring that we can claim it is twice as stable as the accepted industry standards.

Relative Humidity Chart


Symmetry goes to new lengths to provide installation versatility with unmatched design potential. Above and below ground level, Symmetry can be:
  • Glued to concrete or over an acoustic membrane
  • Nailed to a plywood or OSB sub floor
  • Installed anywhere as a floating floor

Species & Grade

  • Symmetry comes in 2 species, oak and maple.
  • The grade, “Advantage”, offers an appealing variation of colour from board to board.
  • Symmetry ¾” also comes in both White and Red Oak in our Select Grade
Symmetry 14 has a 9/16” overall thickness.
Symmetry ¾
has a ¾” overall thickness.
  • Both thicknesses are available in Basic and Premium
  • The added benefit of Symmetry Premium is the Contour Guard Total Protection finish. As renowned as Symmetry already is for its stability and versatility, the addition of Contour Guard further enhances the performance of the product.
  • When selecting the nailed-down method of installation, the full complement of Contour Guard Total Protection can be realized.
  • If your choosing the floating floor installation method no Gap or Germ protection is recommended so as not to compromise the glue bond in the T&G.
  • If your choosing the full spread adhesive installation method Than no bottom sealer is recommended so as not to compromise the bond of the flooring to the substrate.

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Warranty information

?The flooring manufacturer AVANT GUARD FLOORING warrantees the original purchaser that the finish, namely the total thickness of urethane applies to its products, will withstand total wear and flaking of the surface in the course of normal household use for a period of thirty-five years following the purchase date.


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We strive to surpass the standards of other premium manufacturers and offer the biggest variety of widths, a stunning range of six species, a minimum of 12 stain colour choices in each, and all told 17 different grade appearances – everything of the highest quality. We strive to surpass the standards of other premium manufacturers and offer a stunning range of species, grades, and stain colour choices.