By: Ses  09-12-2011
Keywords: Transmission Line, Electric Field

Electrostatic Field and Potential Generated by Arbitrarily-Oriented Line and Surface Sources with Additional External Electric Fields in Air

H. Zhao, S. Fortin and F. P. Dawalibi

2011 International Conference on Power and Energy Engineering (CPEE2011), Shanghai, China, October 28 - 30, 2011.

Abstract: This paper presents a new numerical method to calculate the electrostatic field and potential generated by arbitrarily-oriented line and surface sources with additional external electric fields in air. In the analysis, the soil is simplified as a semi-infinite metallic medium. The metallic objects can be connected to ground to keep them at zero potential or can be floating with a known energized potential or leakage current. This approach can be used to simulate the electric field and potential distribution around substations, power plants, transmission line towers, or buildings under a huge charged cloud in extreme conditions, in order to investigate lightning protection scenarios. The electric field generated by the charged cloud can be represented by an external electric field in this type of simulation. In the paper numerical results are presented for various configurations such as conductor systems, parallel plates, multiple plates forming a closed box and a complex system simulating a substation including bus bars, metallic supports and lighting protection masts under a huge charged cloud. Typical results are validated with  available analytical methods or valid numerical methods.

Keywords: Electric Field, Transmission Line,

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