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By: Rt Design  09-12-2011
Keywords: 3d Rendering

RTDesign.ca – Services

We can help our clients to develop a new product line, or simply improve an existing one.

Phase 1

We start by producing sketches. The sketches help us find the direction the client is looking for. This phase may include several steps to achieve the desired result.

Phase 2

We model the design in 3D with the help of CAD software. We can visualize the product in 3D. These drawings can be used to produce mouldings or shop drawings.

Phase 3

We offer 3D renderings. These renderings not only can be used in brochures or other promotional materials, but they can also be used to help the client choose a color scheme.

Scaled Model

Our clients sometimes require scaled models. Depending on the size of the project, prototypes and scaled models may be produced.

Our new HD Rendering service offers users more flexibility when viewing and presenting renderings to their clients.

Being able to address your client’s feedback right then and there will save both time and cost, by eliminating the need for subsequent revisions and follow-up presentations.

Introducing HD Walk. We’re taking 3D rendering to a whole new level.

With this added feature, users will be able to “walk” within the rendering, and view it from any angle. So rather than looking at multiple static files to see all sides of a product, you can simply maneuver around it, zoom in on details, alter the viewpoint as greatly or as slightly as desired, in any direction, and to any degree. It’s like stepping inside a model and looking around as you wander through.

We’re still tweaking the features of this amazing technology, but be assured the final product will result in more useful functionality for you, which means more impressive, flexible presentations to incorporate into your proposals.

At RTDesign, our job is to help our clients wow theirs. That’s why we are always sourcing and developing new innovative ideas to give our clients the edge and make their job easier.

Keywords: 3d Rendering