Product description

By: Physiographic  09-12-2011
Keywords: Physical Therapy, Patient Documentation

Product description

PhysioGraphic is a solution to computerize all patient documentation and handling, thus simplifying the practice of Physical therapy. Since release 2.3x, PTs could use their handheld computers to record data into PhysioGraphic on a daily basis. When plugging an handheld PC into a desktop computer, any data synchronization could be made and PhysioGraphic prints out your assessment on paper, based on what you have recorded on the road with your handheld. 

With either your handheld and standalone computers, you could:

  • Schedule and manage your appointments
  • Create and manage all your patients
  • Perform patient evaluation on a daily basis (Range of motion, sensitivity, muscular and motion testing, daily activities succeeded by the patient, and more!!!)
  • Record all the treatments provided everyday and generate modality sheets.
  • Record a very detailed assessment for your patient. (knee, ankle, hip, wrist, elbow, shoulder, cervical spine, thoracic-lumbar spine). Our assessments are compliant to North American Standards. 
  • Record your radicular statements.

PhysioGraphic is of course the best assistant tool applied to physical therapy. Also your referring physician will really enjoy progress notes  with full of diagrams. Market yourself at no cost. Here's some samples.

Here is a screen capture of the PhysioGraphic interface.

with its handheld companion

List of features

Capability matrix for both handheld and desktop software. The links inside provide you a screen shot of the handheld software for the selected feature.

  Desktop Handheld
Patient management (*) Yes Yes

Patient evaluation using its graphical tools (*)

Yes Yes
Patient assessment with some graphical description (*)
  • Ankle
  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Wrist & hand
  • Elbow
  • Shoulder
  • Thoraric-lumbar spine
Yes Yes
Radicular statement (*)
  • Statement for the lower body 
Yes Yes
Pad for your daily notes (*) Yes Yes
Word processing capabilities with diagram insertion (*) Yes Limited
Integrated scheduler (*) Yes Yes
Generator of statistical reports  Yes No
Document template (*) Yes Limited
Network-enabled applications Yes Not applicable
Invoices, invoice management and account receivable Yes No
Printing capability Yes Yes, through desktop license only

(*) For all information recorded on all your handhelds, you could synchronize it with the databases of your desktop license.

Keywords: Patient Documentation, Physical Therapy,