SPORTS FRESH (12 units) -

By: Nuayre  09-12-2011

SPORTS FRESH - The most powerful sport odor eliminator.

Try the Sport Odor Eliminator Experience!

This product is designed with a secure perforated twist cap, making it safe to be placed in any type of sports bag, duffle bag or suitcase.

Place the SPORTS FRESH unit in:

Golf shoes
All types of footwear

Now open up those gym bags, hocket bags, tennis bags and take a snuff!

* Unit price displayed  * Sold only in case of 12 units. Price: $59.64
The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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09-12-2011 -

ITI Biotech's NUAYRE products improve air quality in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. One of ITI Biotech's core values is to respect and protect the environment. This is why our products are:Biodegradable Recyclable NOT tested on animals. NuAyre products offer you unparalleled efficiency in odor elimination.