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By: Michelin Ag  09-12-2011

When exceptional performance isn't an option, neither are Michelin radial tires. Built to work well in the field, on the roads and last longer, our agricultural tires provide all the performances you need as a hard-working farmer:

Long tire life
The sharp vertical lug design and the deep tread help reduce wear to give exceptionally long tire life.

Exceptional traction
Strong but super-flexible sidewalls allow a long footprint, putting more lugs in direct contact with the ground. Low slip rate and minimal rolling resistance result in productivity, time and fuel savings.

Minimal soil compaction/ excellent flotation
A super-flat tread spreads the load evenly across a generous footprint, helping to reduce the tire's penetration into the soil. Low slip and ultra-low pressures help reduce soil compaction.

Massive Ag Footprint
Low inflation allows the tire to spread to a large footprint and to contact the ground with less pressure. This results in excellent traction with less compaction.

Exceptional load capacity
A large air chamber, the reinforced radial casing and the large footprint allow Michelin wide tires to carry significantly heavier loads than standard profiles.

Exceptional comfort
The swept-back 45o lug design delivers an exceptionally smooth ride on the road at speeds of up to 30 mph. The ultra-flexible but super-strong casing and low air pressures deliver sensational ride comfort in the field.

Remarkable Low Pressure Performance
The breakthrough casing design allows the Michelin Ag Tire to be significantly more flexible than a bias tire or a standard radial, providing outstanding performance and dependability under low pressure, while supporting the same load!

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