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By: Hydro Géothermie  09-12-2011

Geothermal systems

We are specialised in the conception and the installation of geothermal systems.

Variable speed furnaces

The variable speed furnaces can optimize your system and distribute heat in every corner of the house much more than any other type of furnace. Let us show you why.

Hydronic System

Our engineers are masters in the conception and installation of hydronic systems and our systems have become an industry standard regarding maximum efficiency of home and water heating.

Radiant systems

The radiant floors are very comfortable. Our specialists can design a system to suit your needs.


Distribution by ventilation is what distributes the heat in a most balanced way in a house. Our tinsmiths can modify an existing system as well as elaborate a new ventilation system in a new home.

Filtration system

The air filtration can be done at different levels and this up to hospital standards. We have the technology for all types of air filters.

Air purifier

The elimination of germs, bacteria and mold requires a specific technology adapted to each situations. Our specialists will quickly guide you to what is best for you and your family.


Dry air in a home is harmful for both the building and for residents. Choosing the right type of humidifier (drum, jet, steam or other) will prevent damages to the residence and to the health and well being of occupants.


The excess humidity can also make your home uncomfortable and create damages to the building structure. Whether you need an air exchanger or a dehumidifier we can help you.


The vertical and horizontal drilling requires special equipment. According to the recommended technology by our engineers we handle all phases of the project and make sure we have access to all the equipment needed for installation with no delay and no flaw.

Eco-energetic heat pumps

We are also able to install high efficiency systems using the energy in the air rather than in the soil as recommended by our engineer and the desires of the owners.

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Depending on the system you choose, our engineer plans the configuration of the pipes and the drilling to use with maximum efficiency your land and the type of soil you have. Hydrogeothermie represents a one-stop shop for all your geothermal need according to the size of your land, the soil type and the needs of the residence.