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By: Gps Dentaire  09-12-2011

A tailor-made smile, a product designed for you

An exceptional guide

Dental GPS is a unique concept. Developed by Dr. Alain Méthot, this software guides dental industry stakeholders during the creation or transformation of the patient's smile, according to the patient's parameters based on his/her facial digital photo. Dental GPS facilitates better teamwork during the design of dental cosmetic treatments and assures the delivery of the desired smile to the patient. This accurate and versatile system works like a laboratory prescription.

A simple process

  1. Using a digital camera, take a picture of the patient's face.
  2. Enter data: the width of both centrals in mm from the patient's mouth or a model.
  3. The fully automated software guides the practitioner during the positioning of the GPS Digital Facebow and M ruler on the patient's face on the screen.
  4. The dentist sees the modifications to the patient's smile - impossible to do with a mere visual examination.

5. The system automatically displays a first suggested smile. The simulation allows the patient to visualize his or her future smile and the different points to be considered, and to select the modifications that he or she actually wishes to make.

The resulting smile prescription is then transmitted electronically via GPS server to the laboratory, where the technicians will undertake the project. With the work plan in hand, they can design the patient's new smile by taking into account his or her gingival architecture, buccal corridors, teeth proportions and ideal positioning of teeth with the smile line and lips.

The temporary moulds are then sent to the dentist's office to enable reproduction of the simulated smile with provisionals. In short, Dental GPS reassures the patient and simplifies the dental professional's task by preventing intra oral adjustments.

Final restorations are reproduced in the lab with the same precision.

Case conception is the key to success and to ensuring satisfaction, patient after patient.

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GPS Dentaire

Développé par le Dr Alain Méthot, ce logiciel oriente les intervenants de l'industrie dentaire dans la création ou dans la transformation du sourire du patient, et ce, en fonction des paramètres spécifiques se trouvant à l'intérieur de l'image faciale du patient.