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By: Free House Wine  09-12-2011

Free House Wine has adopted a unique specialty by sourcing wines of quality from the boutiques of Europe, the artisans of California, the rising stars of Australia and New Zealand, and the pride of British Columbia and Ontario. It was never the intention of Free House to represent wineries from every corner of the world – only the ones that we want to share with our friends!

Our focus, originally, was the western United States, specifically California. But early on, as Free House established itself, it became impossible to ignore Australia or New Zealand. Then wineries like CedarCreek, Cave Spring and Stag’s Hollow began to show the kind of quality that can now be found among Canadian wines. They came on board. And the reality in the wine business is that France’s reputation remains unsurpassed for remarkable variety and quality: whites from the Loire, Champagne, reds from the Rhône, Burgundy … Et cetera.  Our quest is something for everyone who appreciates good-drinking wines wherever they’re from.