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By: Flexiteek  09-12-2011
Keywords: Deck, Caulking

Q: Can you explain the various expressions you use in your two guides for laying Flexiteek?


Expressions used are:


– adhesive bond the panels to the deck. The adhesive bond is very strong, elastic and waterproof. The deck does not have to be drilled for screws or bolts, since the adhesive is applied to the whole surface of the deck.


– caulking is the actual process of bonding the panels together with a black elastic material. In the actual process of using primer and later caulking, direct sunlight must not shine upon the work in progress.

King plank

– a wide panel of 125 mm. Usually you have to cut the centre board or King plank in order to create the correct fitting with the other panels. It is recommended to produce a paper template for such King planks and margin boards, before actually cutting the King plank.


– the new deck from Flexiteek is fully cured when the deck can be cleaned.

Drying time

– only when everything is dry after 2 to 3 days can you apply pressure and weight to the deck.

Containers as weights

– empty containers 3 or 4 l. Fill these with water, and seal the container.


– filler made of foam. Often used with surfaces of steel or aluminium.

Margin boards

– boards at the outer edge of for example the hatch/deck.

Pot time

– the time fluid can stay mixed with resin in a pot. Ready to be used.

Keywords: Caulking, Deck