Shaving soap rounds

Shaving soap rounds from fais-toi plaisir! enr.

By: fais-toi plaisir! enr.  17-07-2010
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 Can you just imagine a shaving product that lasts up to 6 months? All the money you can save on shaving. On top of all things it's good for you!. These shaving rounds are all handmade, full of top quality and nourishing natural products for your skin and shave. Rich, Thick and Smooooooth shaving. These soaps smell so good, that i cant wait to try the next one! Take the time for yourself ... your face is saying "Treat me nice!" Give it a try!... You will understand what i am talking about! Contains no detergents, no surfactants, no sulfates, no alcohol, and no sugar solutions! Men's grooming at it's best!

Keywords: Wedding, Wedding Favor, Wedding Favors, Wedding Gifts

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