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By: fais-toi plaisir! enr.  17-07-2010
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  Here is a Revolutionary New Product!  You just can't leave with-out! Travel with no bottles that leak in your luggage. Fast shaving, just wet, apply & shave! And your ready to go!  This is a brand new product idea born out of a dream of making daily shaving routine a little simpler, with less hassle, with less mess, and a bit more traveler friendly. After logging thousands of miles on business trips, cleaning and throwing away many, many shaving cans that leaked and exploded, i said, "there's got to be a better way!"  After several years of trials and error, I designed a small mitt which i infuse with a 94% organic shaving gel. It is dry until it is ready to use. The user simply wets the mitt, applies and shaves as usual, it will leave your skin smooth and with no burns!, on top of it you can use it more then once!  With-out forgetting the fresh smell of the mitts. Shave your face, back, arms, legs, and more... Perfect for traveling, Hotel Amenities, Health Clubs, Outdoors, Traveling Athletes, Travel & Pleasure, Travel & Business, Military... The Shave'n go! shave mitt's are organic,disposable, small,compact, and will fit nicely in carry-on luggage without setting off the security bells and whistles.  I would love for you to give it a try and tell me what you think!   Men and women use the product and love it! Each pack contains 7 mitt's
 Shave'n go! are small soft & exfoliating mitts. All you have to do is wet, apply & shave as usual. No shaving foam or after-shave required!   The shave mitts are small, take no place in luggage or bags. Soft Micro fiber applicator and shaving gel all in one. Leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized! Shave anytime anyplace! Wherever you GO. . .Shaving has never been easier..,

Keywords: Wedding, Wedding Favor, Wedding Favors, Wedding Gifts

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