Giant loofah soap

Giant loofah soap from fais-toi plaisir! enr.

By: fais-toi plaisir! enr.  23-07-2010
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 Himalayan salt loofah soap is a therapeutic salt from the Himalayan mountains containing 84 minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron. Adding mineral rich salt from the Himalayan salt to your bath water increases the salinity of the water-which decreases the bacteria count on your skin giving your body's immune system a break from the daily war against invading microscopic intruders. The water feels softer against the skin and aids in the shedding of damaged and dead skin while at the same time providing therapeutic nutrients that your skin needs to sustain newly forming healthy skin. The soap relaxes body skin, it removes body pains when bathing with some hot water and it saves skin from all type of allergies & diseases. Excellent for acne, psoriasis & exzema and for all types of skins even the most sensitive ones. Our crafter added seaweed for a natural emollient and makes a lather like ocean froth. This is a beautiful healthy peace a soap!

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